We live in an increasingly connected world and the demand for smart home devices is experiencing dynamic growth as more and more consumers are looking to increase comfort, energy efficiency and security of their homes. You can control your entire house from the palm of your hand.

On an average, smart homes use an estimated 30-40% less energy

Intelligent homes autonomously adapt to different conditions, automatically closing the blinds on hot summer days or creating ventilation at certain temperatures. This gives architects more flexibility when designing indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Pavilion will exhibit the newest technological advancements, voice assistant, Wi-Fi connected devices that are controlled using a mobile app, reliable connectivity technologies, solutions driving the development of innovative appliances, smart technologies for more personalized and intuitive living experiences, internet-connected devices to enable the remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems, IoT sensors and building automation to control everything from lighting and energy usage to user-centric functions, residential-based platform that uses IoT, computer, control, image display and communication technologies to connect various facilities through the network to meet the automation requirements of the entire system and provide more convenient control and management.

Smart homes are becoming popular due to the convenience and money-saving benefits they offer. They are no longer pricey luxuries but rather pocket-friendly necessities. The key benefits are reduced energy consumption, improve building efficiency, predictive maintenance, increase productivity, convenience for the elderly and differently-abled and optimize resource use.